the agency built for retail
The business platform Fromzero offers, when brand and retail meets.

Is there any retailer who could
identify my brand value?

Is there an original brand that
fits with the concept?


You can get a secured and
verified retail channel.
Hence, it is time and
economically efficient.
There is little difference
in the cost from buying
from a trade show.
Furthermore, we provide
necessary services
during transaction processes.
We reduce the information
asymmetry incurred
by looking for individual
distribution network.
We can respond quickly
to troubles within
a small sized brand companies.
Solving information asymmetry
For a brand to settle down
successfully, we provide
continuous care and supervision.
We deliver feedbacks of products
quickly so that the companies
can make quick judgments
for next season.

Fromzero’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provides plentiful of information at buying level
  • Offers the best follow-up service through feedback from shipping to sales
  • Provides SNS contents and snapshots produced by Fromzero
  • Offers press release, exposure through magazines and PR service

Experience a new business through FROMZERO